The Stage

Located At Payne Park In Downtown Sarasota

Plans call for The Stage at Payne Park to become a cornerstone for Sarasota’s vibrant artistic community. Crafted with modern design and equipped with advanced technological features, it promises an unparalleled experience for both performers and audiences. 

The variable design of the staging and seating affords maximum flexibility in the way performances can be presented. A ‘thrust’ stage on Saturday will convert to a traditional proscenium-styled stage for a Sunday matinee. On Monday a non-profit fundraising luncheon will be held, on Wednesday night, the auditorium will become a theater-in-the-round and on Friday night, the whole place will transform into Speakeasy cabaret featuring jazz or blues. The Stage affords the Players and partners the opportunity to broaden their respective demographics by embracing opportunities not available to them in a nearby civic space or church meeting room.

More Than a Performing Space

The Stage at Payne Park is not just a performance space for the Sarasota arts community. It will be a community asset for non-profit organizations, businesses, clubs, families, and individuals. The Stage can be
transformed into an elegant ballroom accommodating 300 guests for weddings, bar mitzvahs, fundraising galas and luncheons, corporate events and more.

Step into the enchanting world of The Stage, where artistry knows no bounds. Here, where the magic of performance transcends the ordinary.

Discover what others
have to say about their journey
through our captivating realm, where dreams
take center stage
and memories are etched in the hearts
of those who bear witness

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Let The Stage Unfold its Splendor Before Your Eyes!

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